Protect your wallet from growing fees with Tala

At Tala, fair and transparent pricing is our promise to you. When you stick with Tala, your limits go up and your fees go down. Here’s how we make that happen.  

No growing fees 

Tala charges a small, one-time fee on our loans. While other lenders charge daily overdraft fees that can quickly add up, Tala’s one-time fee will never grow or compound. It stays exactly the same throughout your entire loan duration. If you happen to be late on your loan, we charge a small, one-time extension fee. This also does not grow. No more unwelcome surprises. 

Clear, transparent pricing

You can always view your fee clearly in shillings, not just the percentage owed, before accepting a loan so you know what you owe from the very beginning. To stay on track, simply open your Tala app to see exactly how much you owe. You’ll never have to guess at the end of the month again. 

Lower rates over time 

The longer you use Tala, the cheaper we get. We use performance-based pricing to reward our most consistent borrowers with fees as low as 5%. As you repay loans on time and build your relationship with Tala, the more you’ll be able to borrow, and the smaller your fees will get. 

At Tala, we believe fair and responsible pricing is key to ensuring our customers’ healthy financial growth. And we are proud to have offered them to over three million Kenyans building a better financial future with Tala.