Tala Tiba: Terms & Conditions

The following are terms and conditions of the Tala Tiba (COVID-inclusive) product:

Eligibility: Any resident in Kenya aged 18-65 years can become a member. Family members aged 18-65 years can be added to this policy. Family members include parents, spouse, and biological or legally adopted children. 

Activation: Tala Tiba is active from the date of full payment. There is no waiting period for this policy.

Term: Cover period is the 12-month period commencing from date of full premium payment to Turaco. 

Benefit: Tala Tiba benefit is payable upon in-patient hospitalisation for three (3) or more consecutive nights at an NHIF-accredited hospital. Hospitalisation can be for any reason. Benefits are not payable for the first two nights and are subject to a maximum of 30 days hospitalisation in a policy year. 

Claims: All claims will be paid within 72 hours of receiving full documentation. Claims must be reported within 1 month of the event.

Personal Data: All customer information collected will be held securely by Turaco. Turaco may share customer data with third parties for the purposes of policy administration and communications. Tala and Turaco will abide by and comply with data protection regulations in the handling of customer information as required by existing law. 

Exclusions: Turaco shall not be liable to pay benefits for claims occurring due to the following:

  1. The first and second night will not qualify for the Tala Tiba hospital cash plus benefit
  2. Elective surgery including cosmetic surgery. Elective surgery is surgery scheduled in advance because it does not involve a medical emergency
  3. Hospitalisation due to childbirth
  4. Participation in political unrest, war, riots, military action, terrorist activities, civil uprising or insurrection
  5. Abuse of alcohol or narcotics, inhalation of gas, wilful exposure to radioactivity, self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide (whether sane or insane at the time), wilful consumption of poison or overdose of drug (whether prescribed by medical practitioner or not)
  6. Participation in dangerous sports and recreation activities such as horse riding, mountaineering, hunting, motor racing, power boat racing or fighting
  7. Any act committed which constitutes a violation of criminal law