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Stick to your plans

Congratulations! You have big plans. You have a dream but now want to put in the work to make it real. To see your goal through, you need to stick to a plan. Here are some ideas:

Write It Down

Research has shown that writing things down helps us remember them better. Take a piece of paper and write your goal down. Put it in your wallet or bag and every morning, before you start your day, read it to yourself — somewhere you’ll see it.  Remind yourself that everything or at least one thing that you’ll be doing daily is getting you closer to your goal. 

Keep It Simple

It is easy to get excited and set huge goals at the beginning of the year. This is because, we think that twelve months is a lot of time and a lot can be achieved. While this is true in theory, realistically, a lot of challenges and other unplanned events can get in the way. With a simple goal, it is easy to bounce back if something interrupts you. 

Start Small

They say that the journey of a thousand steps starts with one step and it should be the same with your goal. If for example you want to save for the year, you can start with smaller amounts in January then go increasing until you reach your goal. Similar to keeping fit, you can start with short walks but by the end of your goal, you will be running for longer distances. 

Be Open to Changes

Goals are not permanent, they are open to changes. You can adjust your goal halfway through the journey and make it bigger or smaller, depending on circumstances. A lot of people tend to give up on the goal altogether when they come across a challenge, without realising that adjusting the goal will still bear some fruit compared to giving up and achieving nothing. 

There’s no better time to start than right now. So, get yourself going, follow these tips and soon you will be celebrating your achievement.  

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