How Tala protects you

For eight years we have worked to give you a safe and reliable experience. Here are a few measures that we have taken to protect you and your data.

Tala is also a registered data controller in Kenya with the Office of Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC). Read our privacy policy here and our app privacy notice here.

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We protect your personal data with international standards

Tala’s headquarters are ISO 27001 certified for the protection of personal data. Tala uses SSL encryption to ensure that your information remains private. You can view all of our privacy policies here: 

Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Notice

App Privacy Notice

We are founding members of the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya

As members of the Digital Lenders Association (DLAK), we are signatories of the DLAK code of conduct. This means we adhere to the highest standards of security and privacy.  

We put ourselves in your shoes

  • We talk to you (and only you)

    At Tala, we never use your contact list to talk to family or friends. We treat everything related to your loan exclusively with you.

  • Your information is yours alone

    We never disclose information contained on your phone. We only collect data for the purpose of creating your credit profile.

  • We look for solutions together

    We know that life is full of unexpected events. Therefore, we will always seek to understand your case and help you find a solution.

How to do your part

Some apps pretend to be us to scam our customers. Keep alert! Stay away from people or organizations that carry out any of the following practices:

They ask you
for an advance

Tala will never ask you to make a payment to approve or deposit your loan.

Use a
different name

Fraudulent apps may slightly alter Tala's official name, color or logo.

They contact you to “process” your loan

In Tala, the entire process can be easily carried out from our official app.

Seven million people trust Tala

It’s like filling the Kasarani Stadium 80 times! We are proud that thanks to the preference of our customers, we have an average rating of 4.4 on Google Play.
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Tala is now registered as a Data Controller in Kenya

Need to get in touch?

Please reach out on one of the following channels and a member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.


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