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Tala is now registered with the Data Commissioner as a Data Controller in Kenya

We take protection of your personal data seriously! 

We are proud to share that Tala is now a registered data controller in Kenya. This means due to our strong data protection policies, and the safeguards, security measures and mechanisms we have implemented to protect your personal data, we are approved by the Office of Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC)  to collect and determine the purpose and means of processing personal data. Simply put, your data is safe and secure with Tala.

As a digital-first financial institution, Tala relies on the data you provide to us when you register as a Tala customer. The reasons for this are set out in Tala’s Privacy Policy and App Privacy Notice, but important examples of why we require data from you are to (i) be able to verify your identity; and (ii) loan decisioning in order to be able to determine the personal terms of any loan offer made to you as a Tala customer. 

Our privacy policies clearly set out what data we need from you and what that data is used for, and you can rest assured that any data you provide will only be used for the sole purpose as described in those policies.

What this means for you: 

  1. Tala will never, under any circumstances, call your contacts, friends and family
  2. Tala will never sell your details to third parties, such as marketing companies 
  3. Tala will always explain what data it needs from you and why 
  4. Tala will always maintain systems in order to keep your data safe 

For further information we urge you to take the time to read our privacy policies so that you understand how and why Tala uses your personal data and your rights as a Tala customer. Our policies can be accessed here

If you have any query or concern regarding Tala’s use of your personal data, please contact us via in-app or SMS 21991 or email


Will Tala call my friends and family to shame me when I delay on my loan dues?
No, Tala will never, ever call your contacts.. In the unfortunate event that you fall behind on your loan repayments, Tala will call you (and only you) to discuss this,  with the aim of agreeing on a manageable payment plan.

Will Tala give out my contact details to external marketers?

Can I see a breakdown of my loan terms before I take the loan?
Yes, Tala is very transparent with its pricing and will give you the entire breakdown of the cost of any loan offer before you accept the loan terms and receive your loan. There are no hidden fees or nasty surprises with Tala.

Why does Tala require access to my location?
Tala Kenya only operates in Kenya and so access to your location helps us to  verify your identity and make sure that you are indeed within the Kenyan borders.

Does Tala read my personal messages?
No. Our automated underwriting algorithms access certain details of your SMSs (such as message ID, direction, timestamp, phone number, and keywords) to help our fraud models verify your identity and determine whether you are eligible for our services.

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