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Save more by making small partial payments!

Tala is your lifetime financial partner. We are always looking for ways to ensure that you get access to the financial resources you need so that you can grow. 

We want you to thrive financially and that is why we are always looking for ways to keep money in your pocket. 

You can pay less when you pay early, and now you will save money  even when you make a partial payment.

What does this mean for you?

You can save more by making small partial payments towards your loan whenever you get the opportunity. 

Log into the Tala App to see how much you will save by making a small partial payment today. 

What are the other advantages of making partial payments toward your loan? 

  • You save more money as you will pay less interest and taxes. 
  • You will have an easier time repaying your loan in full on time.
  • You will improve your credit standing with Tala, getting the opportunity to grow your loan limits and borrow again when you need it.

Remember that Tala will always give you access to your next loan if you repay what you owe in full.* 

Our friendly customer care team is always available to answer any questions or help you structure your payments so that you can have the best experience here at Tala. Reach out to us via

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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