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Tips from Team Tala: Achieving your SMART goals

Here at Tala, we are not all about talk, we walk the talk. To serve our three million customers, we rely on a team who we believe are the best of the best at what they do. Setting goals is a huge part of our work ethic and culture at Tala so that we can all contribute to a better experience for our customers. 

We spoke to some of our staff members about goal setting and here are some tips they had for you: 

On the importance of writing it down 

“I have kept a diary ( a to do list) since I was in primary school. I watched my mum make one for groceries and such and simply copied the habit. I have note-books leading all the way back to university. It has helped me keep track of where I have come from, and give me motivation that my dreams can come true.” – Rahab

Rahab teaches us the importance of writing things down and how regardless of who you are — a student, a mother or a working person… it helps us remember better. She also shows us how creating a habit ends up being like second nature. 

On self-belief and attitude

“Resolutions for me are like confessions. It renews your commitment and even if it doesn’t last, then you did something right for a while” – Victor

Victor, part of our customer service team, believes in daring himself to attempt any goal that he has set for himself. This is not only a winning mentality, but he also shows a willingness to learn from failed goals. This will help him perform even better the next time. 

On planning 

“Your success today is based on yesterday’s planning.” – Ted

In so few words, Ted, part of our research team tells us quite a lot! Failing to plan today, means that tomorrow you’ll wake up and be disappointed that you had not achieved your goal. Tomorrow here can be a day, a month or even a year. Make plans for your goals! 

On being realistic 

“Write things which are achievable in the near term as you work towards longer term goals, for example, if you want to lose 100Kgs, make a note to attend a gym for a month to lose say 15 kgs and then another 15 in another month until you hit your ultimate 100kg goal! Your gym log could contain items like ‘30 push ups for 20 minutes for week 1’.” – Ahenda

One of the main sources of frustration for a lot of people when they try to achieve their goals, is setting unrealistic goals. While it is good for people to dream big, it is also wise to look around and see if you have enough resources to achieve that goal within the term set. These resources could be health, money and even time. 

We hope that one of these Tala team members  has taught you something that you will incorporate in your journey towards achieving your SMART 2020 goal!

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