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Take the first step in achieving your financial dreams!

How can financial coaching help you? 

We all have financial dreams and goals. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why Tala is offering members of the Tala family free sessions with a Tala Coach. 

Our trained coaches support our customers in defining clear financial goals. Based on your goal, your Coach will work with you to create a simple and actionable plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Your Coach will also make sure that you have a plan to stay in good standing with Tala and for you to take the necessary steps to live debt free. 

What can you expect? 

A friendly, knowledgeable Tala Coach will call you on your preferred phone number. Over 15-20 minutes, they’ll listen to what your needs are, and work with you to identify a simple plan to make your financial goals a reality. 

It’s like you’re talking to a knowledgeable, friendly friend in a judgement free space! 

Your coaching session is completely confidential. 

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