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Disclaimer: This is a free self-help online loan calculator tool for informational purposes only. No guarantees or warranties are made as to the accuracy of the tool or its functioning. Furthermore, Tala at its own discretion, may make changes or discontinue this tool with no prior intimation to you. The estimated payment amounts do not constitute a loan offer or imply loan rates offered by Tala. Please use these tool results for your own personal finance calculations only. Your continued use of this tool is considered an implied consent to these stated terms.

Loan Calculator - Kenya

How to Use the Loan Calculator Tool

Please follow these easy steps to calculate your monthly loan payment;
  1. Enter your desired loan amount (in KSh)
  2. Enter the loan duration in months (for example select 6 for a six month loan duration).
    Note: Please do not use decimals like 6.5 months. The tool only calculates whole monthly periods
  3. Enter your expected loan interest rate (for example, enter 5 for a 5% interest rate)
  4. Click/tap to calculate your monthly loan payment amount
  5. Your loan interest calculation results will show instantly.
  6. The loan results show your monthly payment amount, total loan repayment and total interest paid.

Loan Calculator Key Features

  1. Instantly calculate simple interest on your loans
  2. Get estimated monthly payments, loan interest & total repayment amount in seconds
  3. Use the tool to better manage and plan your finances

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