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How to become a Tala Gold Status member

At Tala, achieving gold status unlocks our highest loan limit (up to KSh 30,000) and lowest rates (as low as 4%).

Starting as a bronze status member loans range between KShs. 1,000 to KShs. 10,000. This quickly rises when you become a silver member before finally becoming a gold status member. For a business, being able to receive the highest loan limit means more flexibility and faster growth. But how do you make it to being a gold member?

1. Pay your loans on time

When you take out a loan, make sure that the loan amount is sustainable and that you don’t fall late to pay your loan. A good credit record is important to ensuring that your loan limit grows. The fastest way to gold status is on-time repayment.

2. Be patient

Don’t take out loans and repay immediately just to get a higher loan limit in your next application. Be intentional about taking a loan out.

3. Build resilience

Insulate yourself and your hustle against possible risks. The highest reasons for loan default are medical emergencies, job/business loss and death of a loved one. You can’t time these emergencies but you can protect yourself. Have savings worth 3-6 months of living expenses, look into getting insurance, build multiple sources of income and lead a healthy lifestyle. This ensures that you always take care of your bills as they fall due.

Remember that becoming a gold status member is not the target, the target should be getting the right loan amount for your needs at the right time.

You got this!

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