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Start small, dream big: tips to bring your vision to life

In Kenya, small businesses make up 80% of all businesses. While starting any business is a huge accomplishment, it takes a dedication and a large vision to grow your kibanda into a supermarket. Here are some tips to help bring your dream to life.

1. Create a vision

Have a vision and a plan with set timelines and projections of milestones and revenue. See your shop becoming a supermarket chain, your grocery store becoming a food store chain, your kinyozi or salon becoming a beauty college or even an executive shop with multiple outlets. 

2. Get mentorship

Talk to people that have thrived in business and have created enterprises that will possibly exist for years and years to come. Get tips such as business planning and strategy for your intended growth.

3. Be patient

Build a culture of delayed gratification. Making a big business may take a long time. That means that one ought to have patience, grit and hope. Accept business strategy failure and move on quickly and don’t just give up without taking the lessons learned.

4. Welcome partnerships

Be open to potential investors, joint venturers, loan providers, or amalgamation with other players like producers, importers and competitors. You’ll need a team to go far in your vision.

5. Put aside money for growth

Intentionally assign some of the earnings you make for future expansion based on the timelines on the business plan. This shows seriousness to the dream and lowers the amount you may need in terms of loans or external investment.

You can choose to grow your business or, you can create a bigger portfolio by opening other businesses which will ensure a higher and sustainable income in the long run.

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