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Loans your way is getting an upgrade!

We have been working to make Tala loans even better, giving you more flexibility and control to manage your finances while keeping our promise of growing your loan limits, and continued access to money. Tala gives you peace of mind. 

What’s changing:

  • Jichagulie due date from 1 to 61 days.
  • Pay off your loan earlier than your selected date and pay less interest.
  • No hidden fees or unwanted surprises.

What stays the same:

  • Growing loan limits
  • Friendly customer service
  • Your next loan guaranteed

What are the benefits of repaying my loan sooner?

The interest rate is charged daily, when you repay earlier, you’ll pay less interest. You also pay less interest when you make a partial payment. Your daily interest will be based on your current balance. We encourage you to make small payments to decrease your daily interest and avoid the last minute pressure of paying off your loan. 

Apart from paying less, these are also the benefits that you get when you make it a habit to repay early or on schedule:

  1. It helps you practice and build good financial habits
  2. It can help grow your Tala loan limits up to Ksh.50,000 over time; and
  3. It helps you strengthen your relationship with Tala which can help you access more services.

Now that you know how the new Tala loans give you more flexibility and control, maximize its features to your advantage. Borrow what you need, set a personal target to repay, repay early when you can to save, and practice healthy financial habits to lead you on the path to financial growth and success! Tala is here to support you!

You can learn more about our new Tala loan here.

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