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Enjoy the flexibility and control of Tala loans

Jichagulie due date up to 61 days

You have the freedom to select your due date according to your specific needs and other financial commitments.

Repay early & pay less

When you pay earlier than your selected date, you save more. No minimum loan duration or fees!

Daily service fees give more control

Our flat, daily fee applies only for the days that you use your Tala loan. The daily fees can be as low as 0.3%.
Tala offers flexible repayment and rates as low as 0.3% per day.

Sign up or log into the app

Apply for a loan easily from the comfort of your home. No paperwork required. You only need an M-pesa account.

Select your due
date up to 61 days

Tala now gives you the freedom to select a date to repay any time between 1 and 61 days. Make sure you align your repayment date with other financial obligations so that you’re never late.

Get your money instantly via M-pesa

Your money will be sent instantly to your M-pesa account.

Repay early and pay less interest

The best part about Tala loans is that if you repay before your selected repayment date, you will pay less interest. Remember to use the loan only for the days you need and to repay earlier to pay less.

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