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How Wilfred adapted his business to keep his community safe

When COVID-19 struck in Kenya, Wilfred – just like most of Kenyans, was caught unaware. As if an invisible switch had been flicked off, he found himself having to adjust the way he lived, including his renewable-energy  business. He had to change his operations to fit the directive from the government on social distancing and limited movement to keep each other safe. 

However, he also saw it as an opportunity to think of creative ways that he could help his village successfully manage the COVID-19 crisis. He came up with the idea to assemble containers that had taps and sell to his local community. These could help with hand sanitization as his community was gearing up to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Not only would this keep them safe, but it also eliminated the need for them to travel to major towns for alternative tools and by extension limiting movement. He hired a plumber to help him with this project, creating an income source for one more member of the community. He then applied for a Tala Community Support Loan, Tala’s initiative to support small business owners who are serving their communities during COVID-19. He was granted the loan to be able to stock up on his new hand washing products! 

Wilfred said, “[The key to business success] is to do your best even if the situation is tough.” 

People like Wilfred demonstrate that one Kenyan at a time, we can change our communities during difficult times. His resilience, optimism and resourcefulness is a welcome source of inspiration in these challenging times. We’re proud to support him, along with the hundreds of small business owners who are making a difference in their communities. 

A child washing hands. Hand washing with soap is an effective way of controlling the spread of COVID-19

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