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5 tips to reopen your business safely

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many Kenyan businesses over the past few months. Now, as restrictions are slowly lifted, it is time to start planning on how best to reopen your business. 

But the world is a different place. You’ll need to prepare your business for new guidelines to keep yourself and your customers safe while making profit. Here are some changes you should consider:

Ensure proper social distancing 

The days of packing people into matatu are over. Social distancing is a preventative measure championed by leading health experts and will continue even as businesses reopen. To prepare for this new reality, make sure your place of business can accommodate people and ensure a spacing of 1.5 metres between your customers. 

Collect orders online or through phone

Instead of people crowding around your kiosk waiting to be served, you can start collecting orders via whatsapp or other online platforms and have pick up orders to reduce the amount of people visiting your shop or kiosk without affecting profits. 

Ask staff and customers to wear masks

Masks can reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other sickness from coughing and sneezing. Requiring masks in your place of business will not only keep customers safe but will reassure that your business is a safe place to visit.

Install hand washing spots or distribute hand sanitizer 

Another change you should prepare early for is how to sanitize your place of work. Start by installing hand washing spots at your business premises and encourage people to use it. You can also leave out hand sanitizer at the door for customer use. This will also go a long way in keeping your and your community safe. 

Be an advocate for customers

As businesses start to slowly reopen and Kenyans resume their normal activities, it is easy for people to forget some of the measures above. Do not assume that everyone will remember all the steps meant to keep us safe, especially as they hurry to recover the lost 90 days or so. 

Help remind them cheaply by installing printed signs around your business that encourage wearing masks properly when out in public, observe social distancing and wash their hands. A printed message on black and white paper costs a maximum of KShs 10 at a local cyber cafe.

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