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How Fridah promotes healthy habits through her business

Every morning, Fridah rises and opens her shop where she sells household consumer goods from flour to detergents. She checks that all the products are in stock, and works on a plan to restock any that may be running out. After this routine, she’s set for the day and is ready to welcome her first customer. 

Fridah recently received a Community Support Loan from Tala’s COVID-19 Rebuild Fund, which she has used to help keep her shop stocked and a small hotel she runs in business as well. But her whole day isn’t consumed by her businesses. Not only does she run a retail shop and a small hotel, but she also plays an important role in keeping her community safe. 

One of Fridah’s most important activities is being part of a community initiative that informs Narok residents on the importance of good sanitation. The Choo Changu Heshima Kwangu campaign, a joint initiative by AMREF and the Ministry of Health, uses local community members like Fridah to spread awareness on the need for a proper and safe way to relieve one’s self and to prevent killer diseases like cholera from spreading in the community. 

Apart from promoting healthy habits, Fridah uses her hotel to supply neighbouring schools and health centres in Narok with lunch, directly contributing to the wellness of her community members. Fridah, who employs more than five people as part of her staff, says that treating her staff and community well is the key to her success. We’re proud to partner with people like Fridah.

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