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Four Ways to Win Back Your Customers

Life presents us with challenges, regardless of what stage we are in. For many business owners, the past few months have been particularly difficult. But the challenges we encounter end up making us stronger. It’s important to focus on what you can do and keep moving forward. Here are four ways to win your customers back. 

Stock up on what’s in demand

As people resume their day to day activities that had been interrupted by COVID-19, there is a likelihood that some commodities will be of higher demand than others. Luxurious lifestyle goods may be slow but things like school items and sanitation materials may see higher demand. If you are in a position to expand to some of these demand areas, your customers will see you as a reliable source who reacts well to the market. 

Offer discounted rates

Given how long the economy has been operating on half-strength due to coronavirus disruption, it will take some time before it bounces back to how it was at the beginning of the year. Most people will be looking for bargains and limiting spending until they feel like they are stable. If you can afford it, offer some discounts on your products as a way to attract more customers to your businesses. This may not work for everyone but it could be a very useful strategy for those who can pull it off. 

Follow safety guidelines to build trust 

Depending on the severity of the pandemic during resumption, the government may put in place safety measures to prevent a second wave of infections in the country. As a business person, it would present a good picture to potential customers if they see that you are following guidelines that will ensure their safety at your premises. Trust begets loyalty.

Be understanding

We understand that there can be a little bit of pressure to make up for lost revenues when businesses were closed. But this situation has affected everyone, so hiking prices will not do you any favours. If you cannot maintain pre-COVID due to a higher cost of doing business, increase your pricing within reasonable margins and explain the same reasons to your customers. 

Just remember, if there is a reason to believe, it is the fact that you are a Kenyan. Resilience is part of our culture and we will overcome our challenges together.

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