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4 Tips to help reduce financial anxiety

Financial stress is something almost all of us experience at some point. At its worst, financial stress can affect our work, our relationships and even our health. But worry alone won’t solve your problems or help you live a happier life. It’s important to stay positive and take concrete steps to take control of your finances. Here are some tips to reduce your financial anxiety and get back on track. 


We cannot stress this enough. Having a budget will let you prioritise on what to spend on, making sure that you at least sort out major headaches on your bill. It’s the first thing that you should to  take control of your finances and reduce your anxiety

Pay off debts slowly 

There is a certain satisfaction gained in paying off all the debt that you may have at once. It’s like cleaning a dirty room at a go and the resulting feeling cannot be expressed. However, this rarely happens. Daily, new expenses come up and you cannot stop life to first collect enough money to pay off everything at once. And that’s okay. Just take small steps and pay off debt little by little. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Looking to reduce your Tala debt a little at a time instead of waiting for the big pay? Talk to our agents via social media or the app and they will help you put together a plan. 

Spend less, save more

It’s not about just spending money wisely. Saving for a rainy day can help you navigate any future financial anxiety moments. Life is unpredictable and it helps to have a back up plan with you. Spending 2 and saving 1 out of every three shillings could turn into one of the best decisions you could ever have made when looking back during a difficult financial period. 

Stay positive

Again, worry alone won’t help you solve your problems. Only a concrete plan will help you take control of your financial life. Success also depends on staying positive. Your financial situation does not define you as a person. You should make sure you leave room for fun and enjoying life. You’ll get through this!

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