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Natafuta Tu Kazi Yeyote

If you are experiencing the frustrations of job hunting at the moment, take heart and continue to be hopeful and strong. Remember all the challenges you’ve overcome in the past and know that you can overcome this too! However, hope works best if it can be attached to a plan. This plan should avoid using the phrase, ‘Natafuta tu kazi yeyote’.

Natafuta tu kazi yeyote (I am looking for any type of job) is one of those things Kenyans say when they are searching for a job. It might sound normal, but unfortunately, it could be hurting your job search. This is because it is not specific. 

To make your job search easier, you need to know what you are capable of doing and what you are not. Here are a couple of tips to help you. 

Look at your skills

Sit down and analyse your skills. Look at what you are good at. Can this talent or skill be used to make money legally, for you or someone else’s business? Are there several skills that can be spread across multiple positions? 

Look at your background

By background, we don’t mean where you come from. Rather, look at your experience or education depending on where you are in your career. What have you been exposed to? Could there be jobs that could use some of your knowledge, if not all, and pay you? 

Create tailored resumes 

Tailor a resume for specific jobs you are interested in. You can even have multiple resumes handy for the different positions.  

Network, network, network 

Many jobs are about relationships. Reach out to acquaintances or people in positions you want on LInkedin and ask if you can pick their brain for a few minutes. It does not have to be people you know. Don’t ask for a job, simply use it as an opportunity to learn and build a relationship. 

Stop into places and drop off a CV in person

Many people only apply to jobs online. Make sure you apply online too but by stopping by to drop off a resume in person you get to make a real connection and leave a more meaningful impression on the business you’re applying for. 

Get organized

Keep a detailed list of all the open positions you are interested in and to which ones you have applied. 

Don’t get discouraged!

Job hunting is a numbers game. You may have to apply to 100 jobs to get 10 interviews to get one job. That’s okay! Just stay positive and keep trying. Something will pay off.

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