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Meet our Lead Backend Engineer, Manasseh Muhia

Q: What do you like about Tala?

There are so many boxes that Tala ticks for me, but the one that stands out is the people. The culture of helping each other, collaborating together, giving and receiving feedback to improve each other is on top. You get to feel this across the organisation irregardless of the ranks. Someone will go out of their way to help you, and it kind of rubs on you and you go on to pay it forward as well.

Q: How does your role help Tala’s mission?

As an engineer, I am part of the team that builds the solutions that serve our customers. We automate the process flows in the customer journey to ensure a seamless experience with minimised interruptions and errors.

Q: Did you always want to be a engineer?

As an engineer yes, however not as a software engineer. My love for maths and sciences made me always aspire to be an engineer. I got introduced to programming while attending an android bootcamp and there my curiosity to learn how things work was sparked. I later on went to specialize with Backend engineering, which I currently do.

Q: What should one do to be a great engineer?

Engineering is all about building solutions, and so it is critical to learn not only the tools (programming languages, IDEs, libraries, frameworks etc) but also how best and when to use them. This calls for learning and understanding the fundamentals and avoiding adopting something just because it is new and shiny.

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