Tala Senior Corporate Recruiter

Meet our Senior Corporate Recruiter, Lydia Omollo

Q: What do you like about Tala?

I like Tala’s Mission. Tala’s mission of ensuring financial inclusion for underbanked people in society really resonates with me. I also like the collaborative nature in which the teams operate, it fosters continuous learning and skills development.

Q: How does your role help Tala’s mission?

I am a Senior Corporate Recruiter at Tala, In my role, I support the different teams in attracting, identifying, and retaining talent for Tala.

Q: Did you always want to be a recruiter?

No, I actually wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do until after graduating. I got into HR after being convinced to take the professional course immediately after my graduation. It’s the best decision I ever made, and I have loved every bit of my journey ever since.

Q: What should one do to be a great recruiter?

In addition to having an eye for spotting, it’s very critical to understand the market talent trends, make and maintain connections and continuously learn new trends and concepts.