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Meet our Growth Director, Annstella Mumbi

Tala Growth Director

Q: What do you like about Tala?

The people and the mission! Tala is a mission-driven company, and this translates into everything we do, starting from our relationship with our customers and moving into how our product and business is structured. Everyone centers intentionality and innovation in their work and this is what has maintained Tala as a market leader across our different operational countries to date.

Q: How does your role help Tala’s mission?

In my role, I am focussed on our country’s growth strategy and execution, i.e. how we take our products to market and how we continuously optimize and grow the business and our products (credit and beyond), especially as our customers’ needs continue to rapidly evolve.

Q: Did you always want to be a growth leader?

Interestingly I am an engineer by training, however, I did start to gravitate toward the business and strategy teams from earlier on. I have only held two engineering roles in my career and have dedicated my career to strategy, growth, and expansion of businesses, which is what I enjoy doing the most!

Q: What should one do to be a great growth leader?

Prioritize establishing an equilibrium between continued learning and practicing what you learn. I have gained a lot by leveraging the different professional communities such as Black Ops, Reforge, and Women Who Build Africa (WWBA) to keep learning from peers and experts in various industries.

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