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Meet our Engineering QA Manager, Eva Ng’ang’a

Tala QA Manager

Q: What do you like about Tala?

I like a lot about Tala. I actually not only like but love a lot about Tala. Primarily being the fact that we’re a customer centred organisation – we prioritise, do and focus on all things that ensure the end user customer gets not only a great experience while using the app but also financial capacity to get their world moving. Starting small and eventually growing with the customer as their credit limit goes up with time.

I also love the fact that Tala allows everyone to grow within their capacities. I started off as a QA Engineer and I’m now leading a great QA team and feeling completely driven to get the team to greater heights.

More to the things that I love about Tala is the management team. Management has constantly been excellently supportive, for my personal growth and for the larger team’s growth and the organisation as a whole.

Q: How does your role help Tala’s mission?

I’m part of the QA (Quality Assurance) team within the Engineering Department. As QA, it’s our job to ensure that the app serves our customers functionally in the most seamless way.

Our customers then get the best out of using the app both in terms of experience and financially. This of course aligns with the company’s mission to provide financial inclusivity and service for all.

Q: Did you always want to be a QA engineer?

I don’t think at the beginning of my career I ever imagined being in software QA but Tala has granted me a great platform to experience and execute a passion with finesse. One thing for sure is that software quality assurance is my passion be it in the context of executing the job itself or managing a team.

Q: What should one do to be a great QA engineer?

To be a great QA Engineer, in my opinion, one requires a great liking for the job itself. More to it is a great understanding of the pillars that support proper quality assurance.

Lastly, a great understanding of the product to be tested and the problem the product intends to solve supports one in being successful in quality assurance.

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