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Meet our Senior Marketing Associate, Victor Muchiri

Q: What do you like about Tala?

I have worked with six other employers in the past and never felt a more sense of purpose and impact than with Tala. We get to bring millions within financial inclusion and offer financial literacy while at it.

Q: How does your role help Tala’s mission?

I’m in marketing but I’m not just concerned with bringing customers into the funnel, keeping them there, and getting feedback to improve the product, I also engage them with business skills (biashara club) and free financial coaching.

Q: Did you always want to be a marketer?

My story is interesting and long. I’ve been fortunate to have ever been an accountant, an IT guy, a banker, a researcher, and a debt collector before, but I found my purpose in marketing and all my experiences seem to have prepared me for this phase of my career.

Q: What should one do to be a great marketer?

Keep learning. Know your product, know your business, and know your customer. If you master the “what” then it will inform the “how” of marketing.

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